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RF-protected products need to be efficiently and quickly deactivated at point of sale. Checkpoint has been working to perfect deactivation solutions that keep customer flow at checkout moving.

This deactivator can be mounted within 90 cm of an antenna. Use with deactivation pads or epos linked scan deactivators.

High-quality labels are the key to effective product control. Checkpoint produces over four billion RF (Radio Frequency) labels every year, a label for every imaginable product.

Using sophisticated integrated circuit technology, our range of more than 50 types of label are designed to offer low cost, efficient and discreet protection for high-end goods such as cosmetics, jewellery, alcohol, music and all small products that provide special security challenges.


Checkpoint's 3G EAS RF Hard Tag is the most effective attachable security solution on the market. Its exclusive, hard-wearing 2-colour housing and enhanced detection coil ensure that these tags will last, and provide unrivalled detection rates while they do.

Ideal for all main retail markets, the 3G Hard tag is designed for use with Checkpoint's 3G antenna range, an essential part of the most effective anti-shrinkage solution on the market.



Our aim is to provide you with the best equipment at low prices, backed by a first-class service.

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